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Weekly PSA

Pedestrian Safety Laws

(As posted on Nextdoor by

PO3 Marcus Dixon, Montgomery County Police Department

Almost everyone is a pedestrian at some time. Walking is a part of life and pedestrian safety is an issue that affects everyone.  Whether walking for fun, for exercise or for transportation, we all can play a role in making our roadways safer. Drivers need to remember that a pedestrian can be encountered even in places where they are not supposed to be. Pedestrians must also be cautious because drivers may not be paying attention or may not see them.  Unnecessary injuries and fatalities can occur as a result of inattentiveness or intoxication. Pedestrians who wear bright clothing and make eye contact with drivers - walk smarter!

For pedestrians:
-Use sidewalks and marked crosswalks whenever possible.
-Press the pedestrian signal button and wait for the walk signal.
-Always stop at the curb and look left, right and left before crossing a street.
-Watch for cars turning in or leaving driveways.
-Wear light or bright colored clothing.
-Pay attention and take off headphones while walking – no texting or playing games.

For Pedestrians
• TR§21-202(l) Failure to obey red traffic signal
Pedestrian facing a steady red traffic signal alone may not enter the roadway.
Penalty: $80 or up to $500.00.

• TR§21-203(c) Failure to obey pedestrian control signal
Pedestrian may not start to cross the roadway in the direction of a solid “don’t walk” or
“upraised hand” signal.
Penalty: $40 or up to $500.00.

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